Sunday, November 8, 2015

little white flowers

God is working things out for our house. ~ Ethel
the financial blessings of lower costs for our house ~ Dale
getting to be in the woods today ~ Sloane
Today I am thankful for Sloane's thirteenth year, which is just a few hours from over. God has blessed us with such a wonderful daughter. She is thoughtful and kind, hard-working and helpful. She is loving and generous and a marvelous friend. This year has been full of clarinet practice and baking, youth group and giggling girls, makeup and books, hunting trips and great conversations. I am so thankful God has given Sloane such a wonderful thirteenth year. ~ Relyn
corned beef sandwiches, Ozarks hills, fall color, rock walls on the sides of valleys, and my daughter ~ Jeffrey

in Pleasant Hope, Missouri