one year, one photo, one day at a time...

This is a family blog, just a little project that I doubt very much anyone else ever reads.  Still, making our gratitude public has become very important to our family.  If you are reading this, we are very glad you are here.  We hope our little spot on the webs encourages you to take a moment and count your own blessings.  

I blogged for several years here.  It has convinced me that it is in the dailiness of our lives that we find real beauty. It is in the ordinary that we really dwell. I want to keep, to record more of the beautiful ordinary. But how? By taking lots and lots of pictures. Three hundred and sixty five days, three hundred and sixty five pictures. My hope is that I will end the year with a record of one year in the life of Team Lawson. I hope that we will have more memories, more captured moments to recall. And, if I'm lucky, I may just learn a thing or two about photography along the way. 

I think of this blog as my net for catching joy. My family is my greatest earthly joy. This blog is a way to capture some of those magical little moments that add up to one amazing life.

~ Relyn Lawson