Team Lawson

Sloane, Jeffrey, Relyn

"I sound my barbaric YAWP over the rooftops of the world."
~ Walt Whitman,
Leaves of Grass

Perhaps you are asking yourself, "Just what exactly is a Yawp?" We're so glad you asked. Yawping is simple. You just throw back your head and yell, "YAWP!" at the top of your lungs. For our family, a YAWP is a way of affirming our joy in being alive. It is strange, and a little bit odd, and freakishly fun to do out the car window. Our Yawping is one of those little family things; like a secret handshake. It draws us closer, gives us a giggle, confirms our status as a solid unit.

We love to YAWP. We love to share our lives and experiences with friends. These are our stories. Welcome.