Saturday, November 7, 2015

like Dr. Suess drawings

Sloane's coming over today to help make her own birthday cake ~ Ibu
Mainly I'm just thankful that the kids were able to come over today and we were able to spend the day with Jeffrey and Relyn and Sloane.  It's always good when we get together.  Particularly, when it is not rush, rush, rush and so busy we don't even have time to talk and pray.  Then, a very special bonus of today was the fact that I beat my son-in-law at Scrabble.  Again, pretty handily.  I am thankful I was able to score 101 points in one play.  The word was quested. ~ Bapak
Uncle Brett's job ~ Sloane
I'm thankful to spend the day with my parents and my family just shopping and laughing and chatting.  And, I'm thankful for a really good dinner tonight.  ~ Relyn
a great quote on the air conditioning system ~ Jeffrey

I wish I knew what these plants are.