Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Spring glories

the pleasure Jeffrey takes in hiking* the way Sloane gets up before sunrise on Saturdays to hike with her Daddy * patient friends * delicious food * successful shopping trips * buying new Easter outfits * my Mom's Easter table * the surprising Easter cake Mom made this year * jeans Monday mornings * learning to use my macro lens (see above) * public libraries * painted furniture * getting at home projects finished * audio books * laughing with my students * GoNoodle * singing along to my Disney Tunes Pandora station * binge watching Netflix * having all the ironing done * stocking up on half off Easter candy * Cadbury Eggs * dogwoods, redbuds, and other flowering trees, the solace of the outdoors * thoughtful gifts from family * old cameras and other treasures * photographing former students * plans for new adventures * my new watch, which I got for Christmas and utterly love * inches of silver bangles jangling on my wrist * writing every morning * a morning Bible study habit

It has been an entirely crazy, hectic, not-very-much-fun kind of a month.  Of course, that's the time above all others to count your blessings, but sometimes, life just takes over and runs you ragged.  The list above is my list of a month's worth of blessings.  Jeffrey and Sloane will be back soon with their own daily gratitudes. ~ Relyn 4.9.16