Thursday, November 26, 2015

a hazy glow of love

the Lawson family, Monopoly, Papa and Grandma, an awesome new sister ~ Marisa
my sweet new sister, my amazing friends in Oregon, Papa and Grandma are here with us again ~ Julian
I am thankful I live in Missouri. ~ Avery
the love of God, access to an amazing variety of food, a healthy family ~ Lucy
peace in my heart ~ Arlen
my husband, who is also my best friend ~ Ethel
the gift of salvation and second to that would be all my family ~ Dale
for family and this morning~ Sloane
Oh, I have so many.  My family, time with family, five days off work, good food, a husband who loves me and is my best friend, a daughter who is kind and obedient, a home we can afford, a great camera, a job I love, this beautiful world... I could go on and on. ~ Relyn
Relyn and Sloane working on their craft this morning ~ Jeffrey

our nephew, Alex, and his love, Serena