Monday, April 21, 2008

A Wonderful Day

Team Lawson recently spent a wonderful spring day exploring downtown. We didn't really do much; just walked around, browsed in a shop or two, explored the wonderful new library, took tons of spring pictures, and ate at a great new diner. Mostly we just laughed and talked and enjoyed each other. We thought you might like a sample of our lovely day.

This is the amazing diner I mentioned. They serve breakfast from 6:00 to 2:00 each day. Just breakfast in simple surroundings. It was perfect.

We walked in and there was a jazz trio playing. Playing really well. I was too shy to let them see I was taking their picture, so this is all I got. The kid in the middle played about four instruments while we were there.

Their breakfasts all sounded amazing, but I can never resists a diner cheeseburger. I was right. It was perfect. Next time I am trying the stuffed french toast. Maybe.

This is Sloane's peanut butter chocolate chip pancake. Yum! I don't have a picture of Jeffrey's Mediterranean omelet, but it was great, too.

I told you it was yummy!

One of the great new shops downtown. It figures that downtown would finally get cool - after we move out into the country.

I know this photo looks wierd. I was trying to give the long view. Those big white cubes are tiny individual reading rooms, like a sofa/window seat combined. Each one had it's own funky 60s light and just begged you to curl up and read.

Every book in the library was on acrylic shelves facing out. It was one big invitation to browse. This is a totally cool library! There was also a narrow, almost hidden hallway leading to restrooms. Lining that hallway was an art show from local highschool students.

Here's one of those reading cubes. The ones that were white on the outside were lined in maroon velevet. It was hard to leave. I wanted to read until I fell asleep and then take a lovely nap.

And, here is our beautiful little reader.